For you to succeed in the cyber world, there are skills that you need to have, especially now that many businesses are moving online and exploiting the cloud as a way to reduce running costs. Due to this shift, the demand for cybersecurity skills is growing. All organizations are looking for a cybersecurity expert who can safeguard their information and data. For you to be a professional cybersecurity expert, there are skills that you must possess.

Here are the top skills for you:

  1. Understanding Ethical Hacking Skills

You cannot protect yourself from hackers if you do not know how to hack. Therefore, to be a cybersecurity expert is a must to know how to hack ethically. You need to understand how the system is attacked and the loopholes that your organization’s system presents. With this, you will be able to come up with a solution for any breach in your organization’s system.

  1. Cloud Security

Every organization that is preparing for the future is working towards cloud computing. Cloud computing helps in cost reduction, better security, and top-notch services from cloud infrastructure. Due to this shift, the demand for cybersecurity experts has grown. Security professionals who are well vast with this technology are needed. Due to this, cloud technology skills are highly in demand. In addition, it will make your career blossom to greater heights.

You need to have skills in programming and database languages like MySQL, Hadoop, Python, Java, and Php. You can learn operating systems like Linux and cloud service providers such as AWS, OpenStack, and Microsoft Azure.

  1. Forensics Skills

You need to have computer forensics skills. These skills promote information security. It helps you advance in your career as a cybersecurity specialist. Skill focuses more on digital asset protection and intelligence. Computer forensics comes into play after a cyber-attack occurs. It helps in putting countermeasures. It helps cyber specialists know the controls to put in place when an organization passes through a cyber-attack phase. Their certification in Cyber forensics you can get from ISACA, NIELIT, and edX.

  1. Penetration Testing

It is one of the most in-demand skills currently. It is the skill needed when testing the vulnerability of digital applications. As you know, every business is moving to the cloud and they are becoming susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Having ethical hacking techniques enables you to do penetration testing.  It uses hacking techniques to test an organization’s security systems by checking weaknesses and loopholes. This is done by attempting to find loopholes in the system and getting in as a criminal hacker would, and finally correcting those issues that you might have found as you ethically hack the system. You need to know about network security, different operating systems like Linux, and many security applications and hacking tools and techniques.

  1. Familiarity with new and different technologies

We have had developments in different technologies in recent years. These are Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Machine learning, DevOps, Virtual Reality, 3D printing, and Quantum computing. Having all this knowledge, help you able to solve security issues with advanced technologies. You will also be able to develop tools and solutions for cybersecurity at ease. For example, AI will help you identify abnormal activities and give you automated techniques and also detect any cyber threat very fast before damaging anything. IoT too can help you to safeguard devices in a network and those that rely on the internet to function. Some courses can help you learn about IoT security and all other new technology security.