Cybersecurity certifications are what everyone needs in the world of technology.  A  professional cybersecurity specialist has to be certified to stay relevant, credible and marketable. The world of technology keeps on changing. There is a great need for all cyber specialists to be acquainted with the best pieces of training available.

For one to get a high-paying job than what he or she has already, there is a need to acquire more skills by gaining certifications from accredited cybersecurity bodies. Cybersecurity certifications are good when it comes to building a career, as many employers would want to know the kind of certification one has gained over the years. Cybersecurity goal is the protection of data , therefore every certification is built along that line. In addition, every cybersecurity career path has its certification too that helps specialists to grow within their chosen career path.

Most cybersecurity specialists start with Bachelor’s degree and then they start working on certifications that help them to build their careers in cybersecurity.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Every cybersecurity specialist must know how a hacker does his or her craft. They must learn hacker skills for them to stay ahead of any threat that might arise. The certified Ethical Hacker Certification purely focuses on learning hacking techniques and technology. They learn from an offensive side. It helps the learners know how hackers do their job.

When one has such certification it is easy to proactively test the security of an organization’s system by doing simulations based on the intruder’s perspective. This helps the organization to be alert and protect themselves before any major breach.

Different bodies give these certifications. One of the most sought after is EC-Councils’ C|EH where candidates learn the latest skills, tools, and techniques to help in identifying vulnerabilities. It is the best-suited certification for penetration testers.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

This certification is mostly for managerial people in a cybersecurity environment. It is for those that are interested in solidifying their managerial experience. This certification is relevant in today’s world where there is a need for Strong security management in many enterprises that are using IT to support their business needs.

There is a need for systems that are secure from external and malicious attacks coming from unauthorized internal changes. Therefore, this certification offers that need that comes from internal management in the organization.

It has been developed for managers that have great experience in information security and have been tasked with management responsibilities.

CompTIA Security+

Every cybersecurity specialist needs to have this certification. It is an entry-level career certification. With this certification, a cybersecurity professional will have core knowledge of cybersecurity roles. It also provides a chance for one to get entry into cybersecurity jobs. Everyone who does this certification, as they get the opportunity to have the following skills:-

  • Detecting any cybersecurity threats.
  • Getting to know how penetration testing is executed and  also vulnerability scanning concepts
  • Installing, configuring, and deploying network components.
  • Assessing and troubleshooting security issues that constantly happen in systems.
  • Setting up secure network architecture
  • Setting up wireless security settings

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

This certification is not for entry-level or for newbies in the world of cybersecurity. It is mostly for benchmarking, as it requires passing tough tests and job experience. Anyone having this certification makes him or gain recognition of being a designer, or engineer and also shows he or she has capabilities of implementing information security systems in an organization.

Everyone wants it. It is highly sought after and globally recognized. It opens many excellent opportunities globally that take one’s career to a completely different level.

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

Cloud always depends on Cybersecurity for it to function. Every organization is now moving into the cloud. Therefore, this certification is gaining demand day by day. There are security issues that happen in the cloud.

With this certification, professionals gain advanced technical knowledge and skills that assist them in designing, managing and securing information, data, applications, and infrastructures.

Certified Incident Handler (CIH)

Every organization is at risk of a successful cyber-attack. This certification helps professionals to know to react to a cyber incident.  It helps to understand the reaction to an incident that can result either in recovery or in disaster.

It gives skills on how to handle cyber incidents and respond with a holistic approach. It covers preparing and planning. It is all able the incident handling response and assists in the recovery of organizational assets after a security incident.