AI is transforming the internet world, and we are enjoying! Now everyone is talking about ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that gives all answers and has a solution for everything. It is just the start of the future of AI. Here are a few tools that are bringing extraordinary changes and boosting productivity:

  1. Poised

Poised is great  AI tool that helps in communication.  This application acts as a coach. It improves speaking skills as users get on the online meeting. With Poised, everyone should be able to have an online meeting without any language barrier. It enhances online meetings by providing feedbacks that helps in improving communication skills.

It is compatible with many platforms. Poised works in the background during online meetings, letting one know what to do as the meeting goes on. This tool puts users in command during online meetings. As one develops a virtual meeting, Poised AI can detect and correct mistakes on meeting topics and preparations in real time.

Here are the features that Poised AI offers:-

  • Provides live feedbacks on meeting progress like Energy, hedging words, confidence, inspiration, and many more.
  • Key meeting moments
  • Content
  • Meeting transcripts.
  1. Pragma

Pragma is about customer service. It is an AI tool that streamlines customer communication and helps in elevating productivity.Pragma provides better customer service by helping in coming up with better ways of handling customers. It helps in coming up with ways of responding to inquiries, drafting, and creating outstanding messages. Pragma also helps in improving writing skills by helping in coming up with the right response.

  1. Murf

This is a speech technology startup that has come up with an AI solution for the way voiceovers are created. Speech technology has been advanced using AI technology. It is bridging the diversity gap that is traditional text-to-speech platforms.  Murf can ensure that there is the inclusion of voice across varied accents like Indian, American, African, British, and even Australian English.

Murf has a library of over 120 realistic-sounding AI voices that are in more than 20 languages. Murf makes it easy for those with a tight budget.

This AI tool provides an AI-enabled SaaS tool making it easy to generate human-like voiceovers for videos and presentations. With this, there is no need for recording equipment or hiring a voice artist.

  1. Synthesia

Synthesia is an application that has the capability of creating a video with the identity of a person (AI avatars). Synthesia uses AI capabilities to come up with a video using a provided script, storyboards, or any other information that describes what the video will cover.

With this technology, the cost of producing videos goes down and the need for complicated and expensive devices is cut off. It has made video creation simpler as it only needs a Synthesia web-based platform to produce a video.

  1. stockAI

StockAI has a massive collection of AI-generated images. This is a web-based AI tool that has a collection of AI art. With StockAI, images are generated on demand. It takes only ten seconds for StockAI to create an image. It has AI capabilities of creating an image when a user correctly describes to it what he or she wants. It specializes in AI images, which one can get in all versions, low-resolution or high-resolution.

There are many different AI tools available that are making everything easy and simple. For example, we have Lex Page helps in writing, by imitating one’s tone. We also have Crafty which help in copywriting because of its huge library of templates and everything that revolves are copywriting. We also have Texti, Sembly, and Browse.

AI is changing the way we work. Soon we will conform to a new way of working, that will be made easier by AI tools.