This year, especially on the month of September, a lot has happened in cybersecurity world. The year is almost ending, however we have witnessed a sharp increase in cybersecurity threats. There are alot of cyberattacks coming from malware, phishing, cryptocurrency, AI, and machine learning.

DDOS attack

Just this September, cyber-attacks have messed up operations of various governments, big giant companies like Uber and the gaming industry too have witnessed a disruption of their business. One of the recent cyber-attack happened on 12th September, 2022. This was a distributed denial-of-service, which was successfully detected and stopped by a company called Akamai. The attack had already compromised over 1813 IP addresses and the traffic had already peaked up to 704.8 Mpps per minute.

Wintermute Attack

Cybercriminals are turning their attention to the crypto business. Cryptocurrency firms are becoming a haven for them to do their tricks. Just recently, a market maker Wintermute suffered a great loss at the hands of hackers. It was exploited in the DeFi Ecosystem, on decentralized exchanges. This breach happened on 20th September when hackers took over 160 million dollars from a decentralized finance business. Cybercriminals use a brute-force attacks to disrupt DeFi’s operations.  They used it to compromise Company’s private key. This was one of the largest attacks that we have witnessed this year and probably the 12th largest in the history of cyber threats. It shows how DeFi platforms are vulnerable to cybercriminal attacks. There is a need to put security on a such platform and do more tests to close all loopholes.

Uber Breach

Uber has not enjoyed fortune this year. This is because of cyber threat that has made it to be on the receiving end. On September 15th, Uber announced that there was a system breach. This was operated by the use of social engineering, where the hacker was able to employee’s account. It was done by an 18-year-old hacker. He persuaded the employee to give a critical password that allowed administrative access to the Uber privileged access management (PAM) solution. This enabled the hacker to have critical data. Hacker was able to send screenshots of Uber’s email dashboard, server, windows domain, and IT system. All these showed that the hacker has full access to Uber’s cloud systems where they store critical data containing customers and financial information.

Cybersecurity is becoming essential for every organization to embrace. A key factor will enable them to keep making when implemented well. There is a need to keep a close eye on the security of organizations. This is by using the right tools and making sure that security software updates are periodically updated. Lastly, having a cyber security team in place to always be on the lookout for any danger that may be coming.