Use Case Scenario

As a Agile Product Owner , your goal is to build a healthcare solution that provides easy access to patients for healthcare providers. The solution should be user-friendly, secure, and efficient to use. The solution should enable healthcare providers to easily manage patient data, track patient progress, and communicate with patients. Our solution should ultimately improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.


What will you learn from workshop?

  • Learn how to develop a healthcare solution that provides easy access to patients
  • Discover the essential features required to build a healthcare solution for healthcare providers
  • Understand the agile approach to software development and how to apply it to healthcare solutions
  • Gain practical knowledge of user management, patient management, communication, and integration features
  • Learn how to create user stories, epics, and vision documents for healthcare solutions
  • Develop a release plan for healthcare solutions and learn how to conduct regular testing and bug fixing
  • Collaborate with healthcare providers and patients to gather feedback and incorporate it into future releases
  • Improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs with your healthcare solution

By attending our class, you will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to build a healthcare solution that provides easy access to patients and improves patient outcomes. Whether you are a healthcare professional or a software developer, this class is perfect for anyone interested in developing healthcare solutions using an agile approach. Join us and make a difference in the healthcare industry!

What Others Have To Say

I can only say big big thanks to a team of great people at Skillweed mentors are always accessible, study materials go into really deep issues and real life situations that are really important and the mentors/educators are really high class.
The Agile Product Management course was instrumental in helping me start my career as a Business Product Manager. As someone who is new to the field, I found the course to be very helpful in understanding the key concepts that are fundamental to effective product management.
I particularly appreciated the emphasis on the importance of adopting a customer-centric approach and the instructor’s insights into how to define and prioritize user requirements, creating vision statements and high level roadmaps . The exercises and case studies were also very useful in helping me to apply what I had learnt and gain practical experience in real-life scenarios and also helped foster collaboration with my teammates.
I think what I found most beneficial and uncommon was the after class support that is available from the instructor. He created multiple discussion forums for providing product management resources (including job openings), interviewing , brainstorming and even just for checking in and encouraging students. Overall, I found the course to be very engaging and informative. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone looking to build a strong foundation in Agile product management.


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